Why French Women No Longer Sunbathe Topless

October 30, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

France has long been known for its custom of topless sunbathing. It’s not as frequent anymore and Morwenna Ferrier looked into why:

  • Concerns about skin cancer have made the activity seem less appealing.
  • Going topless used to be seen as a sign of class and female liberalization. These days however with mainstream culture increasingly “pornified” it seems less innocent.
  • Sunbathers also have to deal with photos of them being immortalized on the internet through social media.
  • Breasts have, in some cases, become political statements. The group Femen uses them to attract attention to various causes, and this can make stripping on the beach seem like a political statement.
  • And then there’s the lure of traditional romance. One writer notes that covering up “makes uncovering them for a lover more interesting”

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Source: The Guardian