When Will Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Become Contemporary Warfare?

August 12, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the 2014 installment of the long-running Call of Duty franchise released a Multiplayer Reveal Trailer yesterday. Dan Seitz took a look at some of the technologies showcased in the trailer and how far we are from developing them:

  • Soldiers in the game will have exosuits that allow players to get a speed boost or allow for killing stomps. Real life exosuits are less focused on such “superpowers” and more on providing support such as allowing soldiers to carry heavier loads.
  • Seemingly inspired by Xbox’s Titanfall the game also features jump jets. The ones the military is developing are too bulky to be used in combat. Instead they’re for providing quick response medical aid.
  • Ray guns. They’re in the game and we have the technology to set targets on fire with invisible rays as well. But real world counterparts require massive amounts of energy and need to be mounted on giant vehicles.

Read more about how we’re doing on enemy highlighting systems and other details over here.

Source: Uproxx