Whatever Happened To Lady Gaga?

June 9, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Lady Gaga was once all the rage. She’s since fallen off the map. Kat George took a look at what happened:

  • Her recent videos have been…boring. The latest one is “G.U.Y.” It includes The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and an Egyptian Themed Mansion in what seems like a cheap version of what Katy Perry did in Dark Horse.
  • It used to be the more sexual Lady Gaga got, the weirder she got. These days she’s just been sexy in a conventional way (see picture above). It’s uninteresting.
  • She had a duet with R. Kelly in a song which included the lyrics “do what you want with my body”. It wasn’t her…best moment.
  • Her efforts to combat bullying seem to be wasting money more than anything. And her social efforts were a big part of her appeal.
  • While she’s always been known for her sensationalist performances, more recently they’ve seemed sensationalist for sensationalism’s sake. The latent intellectualism has disappeared.

George looked at many other factors that may have have contributed to her demise, and concludes that she may have “finally succumbed to the death knell of her career”. Read it here.

Source: Vice