What A Shortage Of Breast Implants Looks Like

September 21, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

A (drunk) amateur historian could make the argument that the history of Troy is the story of how breasts brought down a state. They could threaten to do the same in Venezuela writes Hannah Dreier:

  • Due to the country’s crumbling economy there has been a severe shortage in FDA approved breast implants.
  • This is a big deal in a country which may well have the highest rates of breast implant procedures in the world.
  • In the past women could enter raffles at political events and at the office to “win” breast augmentation surgery.
  • At anti-government protests the odd demonstrator will be seen carrying a sign protesting the rising price of implants.
  • The obsession runs so deep that even those living in slums can have suspiciously large bosoms.
  • Lower quality Chinese imports have flooded the market, but they have the unfortunate tendency to rupture.

Read what the government has to say about the shortage, how Venezuela’s twitter is reacting, and more over here.

Source: CTV News