The Football World Cup And Sex Workers

April 17, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Every time a major international sporting event rolls around and happens to be hosted by a lower income country there’s an article about the resulting boom in the demand for prostitution. This year’s no different and Olga Khazan provided the details:

  • 500,000 tourists are expected to visit Brazil for the football world cup later this year.
  • Brazilian sex workers are gearing up for the surge in demand.
  • One town offers English classes where prostitutes can “learn how to work out financial deals and also use a specialized vocabulary with sensual words and fetishes”.
  • International governments though are on the watch out for the rampant child prostitution in Brazil. British Airways will be running ads warning against purchasing such services on flights to Brazil.
  • It might not matter anyway. According to one study during the 2010 World Cup South Africa did not see a surge in demand for sex workers.

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Source: The Atlantic