The End Of The Microwave?

March 24, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Roberto A. Ferdman writes that the era of microwaves is coming to an end:

  • The first microwave was sold soon after 1945. It weighed over 320 kilograms and cost $3,000. It was meant for ships, trains and restaurants.
  • The more familiar tabletop microwave wasn’t developed until 1967.
  • Sales skyrocketed. The microwave is responsible for the creation of entire industries including the frozen dinner market, and the market for microwaveable popcorn.
  • However since then microwave sales have tapered. This is in part because of their market saturation – every home already has one.
  • But it’s also because people have become more health conscious and have come to favour freshly made food over microwaveable fare.
  • The microwave might also be too much effort. While sales of microwaveable popcorn have dipped, sales of ready-made popcorn have climbed.
  • There’s been an explosion of interest in haute cuisine, and food made in slow cookers, crock pots and griddles.

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Source: Quartz