The Economics Of Share A Coke

September 26, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Coke has been branding its soft drinks with people’s names in a marketing campaign that’s been immensely successful writes Mike Esterl:

  • The soft drinks maker took the 250 most popular names among millennials and printed them on its bottles and cans.
  • The marketing campaign boosted sales by 2.5% – a reversal in a long term trend of declining soda sales.
  • Meanwhile sales at rival PepsiCo have continued to stagnate.
  • Bottles with specific names on them can be found on eBay for multiples of what the drinks originally cost.
  • Coke also launched a website which allowed people to create virtual drinks with whatever name they desired and share it on social media. 6 million bottles were created.
    • At least one couple went across their state looking for bottles with their names on them. They found them and plan to display them along with their wedding photos.
  • The campaign is coming to an end but executives may launch it again next year.

Read about the inception of the idea, other countries where it has been successful, and more over here.

Source: The Wall Street Journal