The Economics Of ISIS

June 15, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

ISIS, the terrorist group that has taken control of vast swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq, clearly has an economic strategy writes Max Fisher:

  • The group has captured power plants and is selling electricity to the Syrian government – and using the funds to try to destroy it.
  • It has also captured Iraqi oilfields and has plans to sell the oil to fund its operations.
  • Up until now though they’ve funded themselves by simply confiscating the properties of those it doesn’t like. Despite calling itself an “Islamic” group this has included the assets of Muslims.
  • Those who want to conduct humanitarian operations on its lands need to give the group a cut.
  • It then uses that money to pay its fighters more than other groups – further swelling its ranks.
  • It currently controls territory roughly the size of Belgium.

Fisher concludes “that ISIS appears to have been so successful…says a lot about their strategic foresight, their long-term ambitions, and their ability to outlast their opponents”. Read it here.

Source: Vox

Via: The Dish