The Economics Of Golf Courses

April 12, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Nadja Brandt and Michael Buteau wrote about the recovering market for golf courses:

  • In 2012 the market for golf courses hit a low with the average course selling for $2.7 million.
  • This year the average price has risen 57% with the average golf course selling for $4.25 million. This includes one property that was sold for $75 million.
  • All in all though the market is still below its pre-recession peak of $7.33 million.
  • The price has been driven up by a decrease in supply – in 2013 about 144 more courses closed than had opened.
  • There was an over-supply of golf courses because people were purchasing them as if they were houses – and were buying them for their potential future values.
  • These days they are treated as businesses and valuations depend on metrics such as membership numbers, operations, and net profits.

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Source: Bloomberg