The Economics Of Escorts Going On Tour

November 4, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Svetlana Z, an escort, wrote about the economics of sex workers going “on tour”:

  • Sex workers living in big cities can make a lot of money by going on tour. Many customers will only have sex with touring escorts since they know there’s less of a danger of running into them again.
  • Big city escorts can also lower their rates when going to other cities. Those in smaller cities then feel like they’re getting a great bargain when, for example, they pay $600 for an escort that usually costs over a thousand in a city such as New York. The volume of services sold makes up for the price cut.
  • Certain cities are just good for business. The number of politicians and the amount of money slushing around DC make it a place that escorts should visit if they want a cash infusion.
  • Buyers have to be careful though. If an escort finds that they’re with somebody rich or powerful they may try to poke holes in the condoms.

Read more about why touring prostitutes are more likely to get online reviews, and other tricks of the trade here.

Source: Medium