The Economics Of Billboards

November 25, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Tom Heyden took a look at billboards:

  • In the world of billboard marketing, those in areas with a lot of foot traffic are highly valued as pedestrians are more likely to gaze at the lights.
  • Those on foot are also likely to take photos which end up on social media and spread an advertizer’s message to broad audiences.
  • Marketers like places with lots of traffic jams and delayed flights since frustrated travelers will take in more ads.
  • New York’s Times Square will soon hold the record for the world’s biggest digital billboard, with one stretching 100 meters.
  • Advertizing space on the billboard is expected to cost $2.5 million a month.
  • Size isn’t the only way companies are trying to draw attention. In 2010 the world’s first scented billboard produced pepper and charcoal smells to sell beef.

Read about the history of billboards, the best location for one in the world, and other ways that advertizers are trying to push the envelope over here.

Source: BBC