Supercomputers Making Fast Food

March 7, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

This economy has been tough for everyone. When we last checked in on IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, it was sending resumes with a requested salary of a billion dollars to the top companies around the world. As it turns out these days it is flipping burgers at a fast food joint for, we presume, minimum wage:

  • Watson has been scanning the world’s recipes to identify patterns in ingredients and cooking methods.
  • It is then using this data to create new dishes that are likely to appeal to the human palate.
  • Its ideas so far have included a “Swiss-Thai asparagus quiche” and an “Austrian chocolate burrito”.
  • Interested customers can go to a food truck in Las Vegas to see the supercomputer at work.

Read more about the initiative over here.

Source: Time

Via: Marginal Revolution