Steakhouse Secrets

March 25, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Charles Passy took a look at the inside world of steakhouses:

  • Steakhouses have grown so popular that it’s difficult to find quality beef. Which is why some steakhouses will advertize Angus beef – without clarifying if it’s the premium Angus prime or the more common Angus choice.
  • One steakhouse chain noted that up to 70% of their business comes from corporate accounts that usually spend and tip more. This means that regular diners who have to pay for their own bill may get less attention.
  • Deserts are usually outsourced to a food service conglomerate. Few keep a pastry chef on the payroll.
  • The menu items are usually a calorific nightmare. Certain dishes can have up to 2,000 calories.
  • The price of beef is expected to rise. Rather than raise the prices of the stakes themselves expect to pay more for sides or drinks – or to receive smaller cuts of meat.

The full article notes that often steaks aren’t properly prepared and why you should avoid the pasta options. Read it over here.

Source: Market Watch