Selecting The Rockefeller Christmas Tree

December 7, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

‘Tis the season in the west and Adam Epstein decided to take a look at the person responsible for selecting the iconic Rockefeller Christmas tree:

  • Rockefeller center’s head gardener is responsible for maintaining the grounds around the area and selecting the Christmas tree.
  • In making their selection the head gardener has to find a tree that’s at least 70 feet tall and is strong enough to hold the weight of the lights even in inclement weather.
  • It should also have straight and symmetrical branches for all the selfies that will inevitably be taken.
  • This year’s 90 year old Norway spruce was spotted by the head gardener when he was driving down a highway in Pennsylvania.
  • Once Christmas is over and the tree is removed it will be turned into lumber and then given to the folks over at Habitat for Humanity.

Read about the selection process, how the head gardener was able to secure the tree, and more over here. Centives also took a look at how much the tree cost back in 2012.

Source: Quartz