Petrol Pumps Love Low Oil Prices Too

December 14, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Oil prices are at remarkable lows and while this is creating a host of problems for oil producing countries, the companies that sell oil are rejoicing just as much as consumers are wrote Jonathan Fahey:

  • Petrol pumps have to buy oil on international markets, therefore the low oil prices are causing their costs to go down.
  • Since prices are lower customers are less price sensitive and are less likely to look for the cheapest pump. This allows petrol pumps to have a greater spread between the price they buy and sell at.
  • Usually this spread is about 17.1 cents per gallon in the US. These days the spread is about 21.7 cents per gallon.
  • And since prices are lower consumers are buying more, further boosting profits.
  • After filling up drivers may even have some spare change which they could use to buy the truly profitable items – the drinks and snacks.
  • Low prices also make for nicer customers to the relief of attendants across the world.

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Source: The Washington Post