September 22, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

McDonald’s may be hoping that you’ll soon consider the fast food chain for your next weekend brunch writes Venessa Wong:

  • McDonald’s has applied for a trademark for “McBrunch”.
  • Brunch is one of the fastest growing category of foods, and McDonald’s is looking to revive disappointing financial results.
  • Competitors such as Starbucks and Taco Bell have recently improved their morning menus, putting pressure on the burger chain.
  • It’s unclear if such an initiative would be successful – the meal is typically associated with alcohol, something that McDonald’s is unlikely to serve anytime soon.
  • It could do what Burger King did when it tried something similar and offer non-alcoholic cocktails such as Sprite mixed with fruit juices.
  • The trademark could simply be a sign that the chain intends to extend its breakfast hours.

Read Wong’s always excellent analysis, and find out how this could tie into “McDonald’s at midnight”, and why this might be much ado about nothing here.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek