Luxury Ice

June 2, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Ice for the uber wealthy is a thing, writes Zachary Crockett:

  • For $325 the frozen water connoisseur can get 50 Gläce cubes.
  • What makes the $8 per piece ice special? It’s perfectly spherical, and is “individually carved from a 300-lb. block to ensure flawless quality and a zero-taste profile”.
  • It will also not break like, and we quote, “less deserving ice”.
  • The makers recommend letting the ice age for about three minutes before consuming the beverage it’s in.
  • Even if the company behind it uses the best ice blocks possible, it still marks its products up by about 3,150%.
  • The ice has been featured at Playboy parties and luxury car shows.

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Source: Priceonomics