How One Movie Transformed Hollywood

August 19, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Over at Cracked David Wong and Tom Reimann argued that 1995 film Waterworld transformed the movie industry:

  • The film was over budget to the tune of $175 million – making it the most expensive film in history at the time.
  • It was a disappointment at the American box office, failing to make back its cost of production.
  • But it was a smash hit overseas – as a mindless action flick people from all cultures could enjoy it, even if they didn’t speak the language or understand the cultural references.
  • That taught Hollywood that the real money was in making films that appeal to people all over the world – rather than deeper more introspective films.
  • Thus while in the past films rarely made international debuts – usually only if they were already successful in the American market – these days they open everywhere at the same time.
  • American moviegoers have seen the quality decline which is why theater attendance and domestic box offices have been falling.
  • But global revenues are up boosting movies like Transformers and Iron Man 3.

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Source: Cracked