How Marriage Affects Texting: A Case Study

October 24, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

A couple posted data about how marriage affected the text messages that the two sent each other:

  • After marriage, the frequency of the term “love” and “hey” fell, while the usage of “home”, “dinner”, and “ok” rose.
  • Surprisingly the two also stopped using each other’s first name, abandoning any form of greeting.
  • Before marriage the two texted between 3pm and 3am. After marriage they texted during working hours and rarely texted at night.
  • The differences mostly stem from the fact that before marriage, the couple weren’t sure of seeing each other every day, and so things such as “I love you” had to be said via text.

Read more about how the couple’s relationship evolved from dating, to the period of engagement, to marriage, and see some charts which may well generalize across most couples here.

Source: A Dash Of Data