Heavy Metal And Affluence

May 27, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Richard Florida looked at the development of heavy metal music:

  • Heavy metal originates in economically ravaged working class areas where discontent was rife.
  • These days however it is most popular in Scandinavia – which is odd because Scandinavian countries have a really high quality of life.
  • Some suggest that the emotional darkness of the music resonates well with those who have to deal with long, dark winters.
  • Others suggest that it appeals to those with Viking blood.
  • Yet others suggest its popular because the societies are so affluent and this leads to boredom and backlash against the privileged.
  • Its popularity may be helped by the fact that Scandinavian countries have the wealth to experiment with new sounds, and wealthy youth with the leisure time to listen to it.

See a map showing where heavy metal is most popular and read more about the odd trend over here.

Source: Citylab