Building A Golf Course In China

July 29, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Dan Washburn wrote about what it takes to build a golf course in China:

  • Beijing has announced a moratorium on new golf courses. That’s why these days “resorts” and “exercise fields” with golf holes are all the rage.
  • Developers will hire local villages as subcontractors. The village head will get about five yuan a day for every village labourer, and this tidy profit will ensure the village’s support in case any land disputes pop up.
  • Canny operators will appoint CEOs “Chief Entertainment Officers” whose sole responsibility is to maintain good relationships with government officials by paying for meals and trips, to ensure their support.
  • Not that they need to try too hard. Entertainment venues are taxed at an expensive 23.5% in China, which is why local governments are eager to have them set up shop and enrich the local treasury.

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Source: Quartz