Bizarre Insurance Policies Available In China

September 2, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

China’s insurance market has struggled to grow, despite low rates of market penetration. Insurers have resorted to offering quirky insurance policies to drum up interest write Clare Baldwin and Diana Chan:

  • Naughty child insurance helps parents to cover damages from children throwing tantrums. It costs 44 yuan a month and covers for up to 100,000 yuan of damages.
  • Brides to be can get insurance against becoming pregnant before their honeymoon, getting divorced, and can even purchase a financial instrument that rewards them for remaining married.
  • During the recent World Cup ardent fans could purchase insurance for over-drinking, being attacked by outraged fans, and their favourite team losing.
  • Fans of the popular hotpot can get insurance against burning their mouth.
  • Travelers can get insurance against smog ruining their vacations.
  • And during the moon festival it was possible to purchase protection against clouds covering the moon.

Read about the different types of insurance, how much they cost, why the authorities have taken a dim view of the practice, and more over here.

Source: Reuters

Via: Marginal Revolution