An Aircraft Designed For Athletes

September 17, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Nike got together with a design firm to create a concept aircraft tailor made for athletes. Joseph Flaherty wrote about what they came up with:

  • The redesigned Boeing 777 which is typically designed to handle up to 400 passengers is a lot roomier when it only has to hold 13 players and their support staff.
  • The plane has distinct zones for sleep, socialization, recovery, and food.
  • The socialization zone is in the area where the cargo hold would usually be.
  • At the recovery zone players can get a massage in relative silence.
  • The seats are labelled with a player’s own number and are designed to handle large bodies.
  • Sensors onboard, including in the urinals, monitor data about each of the players and the plane can recommend things like dimmer lights or a bottle of Gatorade.
  • In the in-flight entertainment system players can review game plans or watch highlights of successful performances.
  • It’s worth noting that players who cross more than three time zones have a 60% chance of losing games. If teams spend hundreds of millions of dollars on training facilities, they may find such a plane to be worth the investment.

Read about the aircraft, the specialized leg sleeves to help players recover, details about the food area, and see some pretty incredible photos here.

Source: Wired