A Table For One

November 17, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Belinda Lanks wrote about a restaurant that encourages diners to eat alone:

  • In Amsterdam one man has launched a restaurant with only single seater tables.
  • The idea of the restaurant is that having company takes away from patrons being able to truly appreciate their food.
  • In keeping with this theme, the interior of the restaurant is raw and unfurnished to keep the focus on the food.
  • For similar reasons the restaurant also doesn’t offer Wi-Fi.
  • So that patrons aren’t bored waiting for their food alone, they are encouraged to read books while they wait.
  • Four course meals costing $48, including a drink, are served.

Read more about the restaurant how it works, and where it might end up next over here.

Source: Businessweek

Via: Marginal Revolution