333355: A Number Worth $55 Million

November 14, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Qatar is running an online auction for special vehicle license plate numbers. Elysia Windrum reported on some of the more astounding numbers:

  • Of the 19 license plate numbers being auctioned, number 333355 has attracted a bid for $55 million – and may go higher.
  • To put things in perspective, one could purchase about 20 of the Bugatti cars depicted above for that amount.
  • The BBC reports that the allure of an easy to remember number is such that in the past people have taken out loans to bid for appealing numbers.
  • Qatar set a Guinness World Record in 2006 when it auctioned off the telephone number 666-6666 for $3.7 million.
  • Winners of the license plate auction will have two days to pony up the cash or be fined $5,492.

Read about the auction, how it works, similar promotions and more over here.

Source: Doha News

Via: BBC