Will Prince George Ever Be King?

October 28, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

The United Kingdom will never see a King George Alexander Louis sit on the throne writes Christopher Lee:

  • The current Queen is incredibly popular. However her immediate successor, Prince Charles, is less so and if he ever becomes King he’s unlikely to receive as much public support as his mother.
  • The Queen’s passing will likely lead to Canada and Australia leaving the Commonwealth and opting for Republicanism.
  • Prince William is third in line to the throne and while he’s currently popular, he and his wife are still new and young. It’s unlikely their popularity will last until they’re in their middle ages – when, realistically speaking, they’ll have a shot at the Monarchy.
  • And then there’s Prince George. He doesn’t have a shot at the throne for the next sixty years at least. The Kingdom will be a different place by then.

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Source: New Republic