Why Energy Abundance Could Doom Us All

May 8, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Daniel W. Drezner has put together a collection of articles that look at the implications of a world where alternative forms of energy such as shale gas replace oil as the primary source of energy:

  • The price of oil would fall and countries such as Saudi Arabia that use oil funds to keep instability at bay will quickly descend into chaos.
  • Since oil exporting countries haven’t developed industries other than oil, the internal turmoil would likely last for several years if not decades.
  • A lot of the alternative sources of energy are found in areas of disputed sovereignty and countries may resort to military tactics to secure those supplies.
  • Oil also currently forces inter-dependence through trade. Both America and China, for example, need oil, and thus need to ensure that international waters are safe for trade.
  • Without that stabilizing force it is possible that there will be more warfare as countries will have less to lose.

Drezner puts together these articles to argue that the articles are flawed, and that there is nothing to be concerned about. Read his argument, as well as links to the source articles worrying about an alternative-energy future over here.

Source: Foreign Policy