Whatever Happened To McDonald’s?

April 13, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Just under a year ago McDonald’s was a darling of business analysts. Yet it’s now facing tough times writes Julie Jargon. What happened?

  • McDonald’s outlets are gaining an increasing repetition for rudeness and slow service.
  • According to one study, McDonald’s is among the least friendly of the major fast food chains – only Burger King is worse.
  • To deal with these issues McDonald’s is trying out a ‘dual point’ ordering system where customers order on one end, grab a ticket, watch for their number to flash on a screen, and then head over to pick up their order. The person who gives them their order is meant to thank them and ask to see them again.
  • The fast food chain is also trying out software that will help its many independent stores understand the optimal number of staff required on hand at any given time.
  • Instead of having cashiers and cooks do all the work, the company is also looking into creating specialized runners who do nothing but fetch the components of a meal and put it together for customers.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal