What The Nokia Acquisition Means For Finland

September 6, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Microsoft is purchasing Nokia, the Finnish communications and IT company – or at least the parts of Nokia that most consumers are familiar with. Tim Fernholz looked at what this meant for Finland:

  • Far from being a disaster for Finland, the sale of Nokia might be a blessing in disguise. The company was a slight drag on Finland’s economy last year
  • The $7.2 billion that Microsoft is paying for it represents 2.6% of Finland’s GDP and will be a nice boost of economic stimulus.
  • Microsoft is also keeping Nokia staffers in the country and is looking to build a $250 million data center in the country.
  • With Finland now being a Microsoft research hub, the country will benefit from the expertise and become more oriented towards higher value software and IT services.

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Source: Quartz