What SimCity 2013 Can Teach Us

March 7, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

SimCity 2013 has been slammed by various reviewers, but Adam Sneed writes that the world’s mayors could learn a thing or two from playing the game:

  • In SimCity you can exploit the natural resources and conditions you start off with to find short-term success.
  • But over the long run those resources could run out, leaving the potential for a sudden sharp decline.
  • Changing course is hard though. You need to invest money (higher taxes for your citizens) on shoring up the economy against a threat that may or may not come to pass, in an initiative that may or may not be successful.
  • This is precisely the challenge that America’s rust belt faced. That region failed to diversify away from manufacturing and as a result Detroit and Cleveland continue to struggle to this day.
  • SimCity also demonstrates the importance of resilience. A small breakdown in a resource mining area, or a fire in an industrial area can have cascading effects that deeply affect the economy if not planned for.
  • The United States’ East Coast saw this during Hurricane Sandy when flooded subways handicapped the city for days.

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Source: Slate