What Happens When Your Boss Has A Child?

January 20, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Claire Suddath went over a study that looked at the effects of the CEO of a company having a child. Highlights include:

  • Employees of a company see their salaries go down when their CEO has a child.
  • This money ends up going to the CEOs…who award themselves larger salaries after the birth of a child – presumably to better take care of their family.
  • The wages of male employees go down by a greater percentage than those of female employees when the CEO has a son. This might be because the CEO has a new respect for motherhood.
  • When the CEO has a daughter the wages of male employees go down but the wages of female employees actually go up.

Read more about what happens with the birth of multiple children, and how this might apply to the United States over here.

Source: Business Week

Via: Marginal Revolution