Wearable Fitness Devices And Sex

July 15, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Wearable fitness devices such as the Nike Fuel Band and FitBit are becoming increasingly popular. They track your physical activity such as steps taken, distance moved, and even quality of sleep. Michael Grothaus took a look at what this meant for sex:

  • It is possible to discern from the recorded activity of a wearable fitness device when an individual is having sex – since there’s a fair amount of physical exertion and very little distance travelled.
  • Even stationary activities such as yoga and weight-lifting don’t produce the same activity patterns as sex.
  • Since most wearable fitness devices are social in nature – with friends being able to see what you’re up to – this means that your friends know exactly when you’re having sex.
  • Spouses could use this to find out if their partners are cheating.
  • It is also possible through such devices to figure out if an orgasm is being faked.
  • And this technology is just in its infancy…soon it’ll be able to figure out much more.

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Source: Fast Company