Weapons Inspectors

September 26, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Weapon inspectors have been all the rage in international politics recently. Alison Gee described what a typical inspection team looks like:

  • The team needs a civil engineer to insure that the buildings they’re inspecting are structurally stable.
  • An ordinance expert checks for unexploded bombs and mines.
  • Medical experts liaise with local doctors after an alleged chemical attack to identify the poison that was used – if any.
  • Chemists, of course, are needed to determine if and how chemicals are being turned into weapons.
  • If a bomb or warhead was used in the attack, a rocket scientist maybe utilized to confirm the delivery mechanism.
  • Forensic experts follow the paper trail and make sure that when the government hands over a document with a certain date, the date, and the document are authentic through analysis of the ink and paper.
  • For smooth interviews interpreters and skilled negotiators as well as experts in the psychology of body language are required.

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Source: BBC