July 28, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

We’re all set to live in a world where diplomacy is conducted in 140 characters or less writes Mimi Whitefield:

  • About one third of all world leaders personally tweet. 100% of European governments do while only 71% of African governments have Twitter accounts.
  • With 34.5 million followers the President of the United States has the widest reach among world leaders.
  • But Obama’s tweets are only retweeted, on average, 2,309 times. In contrast the Pope’s 100 tweets have each been retweeted an average of 11,000 times making him the most influential world leader on Twitter.
  • 68% of mutual leaders have mutual connections. Perhaps UN votes could happen through Twitter?
  • Sweden’s Carl Bildt is the best connected, having 44 mutual connections with other world leaders.
  • Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro sends an average of 41 tweets a day – the most for any world leader.
  • Uganda’s Amama Mbabazi is the most conversational. 96% of his tweets are responses to other individuals.

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Source: The Miami Herald