The Real Estate Value Of The TARDIS

March 12, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

It’s hard to imagine anything more awesome than the TARDIS: it can space travel, time travel, and it’s bigger on the inside. Which may make it quite difficult to estimate the real estate value, but that didn’t stop Nick Johnson from trying:

  • The value of the TARDIS real estate is the combination of exterior footprint, plus interior floor area
  • The exterior footprint is just the size of a 1960’s London Police Box. Which, multiplied by the price of London property per square foot, gives us an exterior value
  • In a 1978 Doctor Who episode, the TARDIS interior is reported to be ‘about the size of the Empire State Building’. So again, Nick multiplied by average London prices per square foot
  • Which gives the TARDIS two values: $50,497 for the outside, or $2,580,324,616 for the inside

(Which, incidentally, is around 100 times what Centives thinks the one-year lease on the TARDIS should be.) Read the full article by Movoto Real Estate over here, and we also recommend checking out their price for Bag End

Source: Movoto Real Estate