The Latest In Luxury Cars

March 24, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Mercedes has just revealed its latest flagship: the S-Class W222. Damon Lavrinc took a look at what those who have the dough to spend on a car like this get for their buck:

  • The car comes with active perfuming technology. A bottle of Mercedes’ own perfume is dispersed by the car’s cooling system.
  • Not only are the seats and steering wheel heated…so are the armrests and the center console of the car.
  • The rear seats come with a pop-out ottoman so travelers can relax their legs.
  • The seats themselves are massage chairs that have six different settings, including two with added heat creating an experience similar to a hot-stone massage.

Read more about the car’s sound system, navigation system, and, unfortunately, the price over here.

Source: Wired