The History Of The American Condom

January 6, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Peter Andreas outlined the history of condoms in America – and in the process illustrated basic economic principles such as the consequences of prohibition and protectionism:

  • Until the 1850s condoms were made from animal intestines and imported from Europe – making them too expensive for Americans. This changed when rubber condoms came along.
  • Around 1873 the import and sale of condoms was banned. This led to a thriving domestic black market that jump-started the American condom industry.
  • The condom ban would begin to end during World War One when sexually transmitted disease became a real security threat. Condoms were given unofficial approval and were sold in government-run canteens.
  • The soldiers that returned from the war were now familiar with condom usage leading to their widespread adoption.
  • Even then it took until 1971 for all anti-condom laws to be taken off the books.

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Source: Slate