The Evolution Of Playgrounds

January 29, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Evolution of Playground

Nicholas Day looked at how playgrounds have changed over the years…and what the next big thing might be:

  • After the 1970s Americans became more concerned about the safety of the playground and replaced things like merry-go rounds with the brightly coloured spongy hard plastic material you see at most playgrounds today.
  • However this made playgrounds boring. And ultimately this is worse for the health of a child because this encourages them to stay inside at home, thus neglecting exercise and contributing to health issues.
  • Efforts to make playgrounds more interesting since then have failed due to the fear of lawsuits.
  • Enter the “Imagination Playground” which simply gives children giant blue blocks to move around, build structures with, and ultimately have fun with.
  • At the Imagination Playground “play associates” – a common sight in the UK – oversee the fun to ensure that everybody is having a good time and no blocks go missing.

See photos of the Imagination Playground and read more about how it works over here.

Source: Slate