The End Of Charging

March 25, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

We’ve previously covered the future of wireless charging. According to Duncan Graham-Rowe that’s just the first step. Nokia is developing technologies that could lead to the end of us having to charge our phones:

  • In most places we go we’re surrounded by ambient radio waves, and it’s possible to harvest these waves to generate power.
  • This is also how RFID chips draw their power, thus operating without a battery.
  • Nokia has found a way to draw around a thousand times the power that most technologies can typically draw from the ambient waves. With this amount of power it can keep a phone powered on in standby mode indefinitely.
  • If Nokia is able to develop the technology a little further then it could even use the ambient waves to slowly charge the phone…leading to the end of the charger.

Read more about how the technology works, the long history of the technology, and what experts have to say over here.

Source: The Guardian

Via: WMPoweruser