The Economics Of Twitter

October 4, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Quartz published a couple articles that looked at Twitter’s IPO filings and what that shows us about the service:

  • In the latest quarter Twitter earned $0.55 per user. That compares unfavourably with Facebook’s $1.41 per user over the same period.
  • Twitter earns far more in the United States than in other countries. It gets $2.17 per thousand timeline views in the States, and only $0.30 outside of it.
  • Of Twitter’s 218 million monthly active users, more than a fifth (49 million) are in the United States.
  • Twitter has lost money in each of the last three years. Last year it had a net loss of $79.4 million.
  • In 2012 Twitter’s CEO made $11.5 million.

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Source: Quartz