The Economics Of Tour De France Doping

February 21, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Mason Levinson and Eben Novy-Williams looked at Lance Armstrong’s haul from a career of doping:

  • Over his year career Lance Armstrong has made $218 million.
  • Although if you’re hoping to go into the sports doping business, you should know that it’s not as lucrative as Armstrong’s case would suggest. No other individual caught for doping has made even close to that amount.
  • Most of Armstrong’s money – $180 million – came from brand endorsements and the speaking circuit.
  • But it wasn’t just Armstrong that benefitted from the doping. Through his Livestrong foundation he helped raise over $470 million for cancer research.

Read more about Armstrong’s rise and fall, how much Armstrong contributed to the Livestrong Foundation, and watch a video over here.

Source: Bloomberg