The Economics Of Being A Former American President

March 26, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

The United States government offers a generous retirement package to those who formerly occupied the White House. Here are some of the more interesting numbers:

  • Overall the four ex-Presidents of the United States cost $3.7 million last year.
  • George W. Bush was the most expensive – costing $1.3 million. However this is likely because recently departed Presidents get more assistance than those who have been out of office for a while.
  • Jimmy Carter, on the other hand, only cost $500,000.
  • The costs include a $200,000 annual pension, as well as $96,000 every year for office staff. Other costs include travel, office space, and postage.
  • These costs don’t include the price of the Secret Service protection that former Presidents and their family receive.

Read more about when and why ex-Presidents started to receive these benefits, why they may no longer be required in the modern era, how much the widows of former Presidents receive, and what Nancy Reagan spent on postage over here.

Source: Fox News