The Economics Of AdBlock

September 4, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Leo Mirani took a look at AdBlock – the software that prevents ads from websites being displayed on browsers:

  • AdBlock has initiated a crowdfunding campaign to get the funds to run online ads advertising…itself…
  • In general around 25% of people on the internet use AdBlock – and that is growing 43% a year.
  • The users of tech-savvy websites are far more likely to use AdBlock (about a third do).
  • Only about 5% of the users of travel websites use AdBlock – likely because they either don’t know about, or aren’t comfortable installing, the software.
  • Users of Mozilla’s Firefox browser are most likely to use AdBlock – 35% do.
  • Websites can lose around $500,000 a year due to the use of AdBlock

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Source: Quartz