States That Secretly Control The Union

January 22, 2013 in Daily Bulletin


The everyday life of Americans is affected by the on-goings in a few key states writes Cracked. Here are some highlights from their article:

  • Ohio controls the fast-food you eat. Because its demographics match those of the rest of the United States, and because it’s a college town that uses social media, fast food companies test their products in Columbus, Ohio before deciding if they want to launch them nationally.
  • Texas controls the schools. Since Texas demands the most textbooks, textbook companies write their textbooks with Texan requirements in mind. Other states then buy those same books since it’d be too expensive to commission books that meet their own requirements.
  • South Dakota and Delaware house all the credit card companies. These two states passed legislation that allowed banks to charge whatever interest rate they wanted. By putting their headquarters there the banks were able to set rates across the country.

Check out the full list over here to see how New Jersey determines what your food tastes like and why Utah produces vitamins.

Source: Cracked