Popcorn: The Next Big Thing

January 28, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Popcorn Food Trend

Move over cupcakes. Popcorn is the next big food trend writes Martha Write:

  • The new popcorn is nothing like what you get at a movie theater. Some of the more interesting flavours include bacon, blue cheese, beer, cheesecake, and truffle.
  • This gourmet popcorn is not cheap and can cost $5 or more per small bag.
  • Caterers are increasingly serving popcorn at classy gatherings such as weddings.
  • The popcorn business looks set for a lot of growth in part due to the low startup costs – anybody can make popcorn, as well as high margins, since the raw ingredients cost very little.

Read more about the biggest players in this growing market, and musings on why popcorn has become so popular over here.

Source: Time

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