How Technology Could Transform Social Interaction

May 12, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Sean Hollister took a look at an app that might change how we communicate:

  • Bang With Friends is an app that lets you pick which of your friends you’d like to…well…bang. But it doesn’t tell your friends, unless they also select you in which case you’re both told and are free to pursue your desires.
  • The app is a solution to a rising problem. While we all broadcast more and more information about our lives, it’s a very particular view of our life. We don’t always want those around us to know of our taste in music, our interest in Pokémon, or our crippling Batman addiction.
  • We also have to be wary because something that we carelessly broadcast now could haunt us and our careers for decades to come.
  • Apps like this could help us connect with other people who have mutual interests that we might not necessarily be public about.
  • In a party, for example, you could glance down at your phone and see pictures of all the people who have similar interests to you, giving you an easy way to start up a conversation with a new person.

Read more about what people might broadcast about themselves, how they could function, and what this all means over here.

Source: The Verge