How McDonald’s Learned To Appreciate Local Food

August 16, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Matt Goulding writes that far from being the commoditized mass produced server of American food that McDonald’s is assumed to be, as a chain it has come to appreciate local tastes:

  • McDonald’s used to be about exporting American culture abroad. But now burgers, fries, and Coke can be had in restaurants anywhere – not just in McDonald’s – and the novelty has faded.
  • Instead it now focuses on local cuisine. Items on menus in Asis are spicier, while European dishes are more refined.
  • In China, for example, one can find red bean pies; in France, McBaguettes; and in Germany Big Rösti. Beef and pork aren’t found in Indian McDonald’s where the chain is also planning its first all-vegetarian location.
  • In many ways McDonald’s has to focus more on quality than other restaurant chains – since it has to overcome the initial disdain with which individuals treat McDonald’s food.
  • Restaurant owners across the world are encouraged not only to play with the menu but also the décor to drive innovation and make for more profitable restaurants.

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Source: Roads and Kingdoms