How Chicken Nuggets Took Over The World

April 16, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Half a century ago chicken came on the bone and resembled a bird. Today the era of on the bone chicken appears to be coming to an end, giving way to boneless chicken:

  • Up until the 1970s fast food chains didn’t have product offerings beyond burgers and fries. However federal guidelines around the 70s began to discourage Americans from eating red meat.
  • Moreover the price of beef began to rise, causing fast food chains to desperately search around for alternatives.
  • Chicken was an attractive option since it was cheap and thought to be healthier than beef.
  • McDonald’s led the charge trying out chicken pot-pies and bone-in fried chicken. Only deep fried boneless chicken chunks resonated with customers.
  • Now boneless chicken has become so common that one KFC executive jokes that young people today no longer know that chicken has bones in it.
  • Most chains from Chik-Fil-A to Burger King have abandoned on the bone chicken. KFC was the last holdout and it too recently announced plans to introduce boneless chicken menu offerings.

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Source: Time