How Cargo Containers Shaped The Modern World

May 19, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

The humble shipping container – the large boxes that transport cargo across borders by ship, train, and truck – is responsible for unprecedented wealth in the world writes The Economist:

  • Before shipping containers, longshoremen would load cargo of differing size onto ships in what was essentially a giant game of tetris.
  • This was so slow that ships spent more time tied up than they did actually traversing the oceans. There was also a significant amount of theft – a longshoreman’s pay was said to be $20 a day and all the Scotch they could carry.
  • The man who invented containers found that it brought down costs from $5.83 a tonne to $0.16 a tonne – a decline of 97%.
  • With the decrease in the ease and likelihood of theft, insurance rates for shipping cargo also fell.
  • According to one study, the use of containers leads to a 320% increase in bilateral trade after the first five years and 790% after the first 20. This means that container shipping is more effective at promoting trade than any free trade agreement.

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Source: The Economist