Economics And Mini-Skirts

May 6, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Years from now we’ll likely see a rise in Japanese economic majors. When we do Jun Hongo’s article will be cited as the reason for this surge:

  • A new pop-idol group called Machikado Keiki Japan base their costumes on the stock price index of the day.
  • The higher the price, the shorter their skirts get. When the index crossed 13,000 the group went without skirts altogether.
  • The groups’ lyrics include such gems as “Fix the yen’s appreciation. Quantitative easing. Don’t forget public investment”.
  • During performances crowds of (mostly male) fans are known to yell out terms like “Monetary policy!” and “Private investment!”
  • Perhaps non-coincidentally Japan’s stock market has been surging in recent times.

Read more about the fascinating group here.

Source: The Japan Times

Via: Marginal Revolution